Our first intake of students started in September 2020, our second in September 2021, and our third will start in September 2022. Applications for our fourth cohort have now begun.

We are searching for a broad and diverse pool of applicants across the full range of Algebraic Structures. So, you should apply! For those who do, please ensure that your completed application is with us before:

31st December 2022 (Glasgow)

31st January 2023 (Maxwell)

Earlier applications are encouraged, for possible early offers. Whilst applications after these dates are possible, to be considered for the maximum number of scholarships (and thus maximise your chance of securing a funded place), please adhere to the above deadlines.

All students are assigned an institution, supervisor and second supervisor (often at a different institution) on admission. Students are encouraged to apply to more than one institution, taking into consideration the following advice:

  1. On your application, please identify potential supervisor(s), based on your current interests. We understand that you might not have a fully-formed view on this, so feel free to identify multiple possibilities, with your preferences if you have any. For this, our Supervisors page may help.

  2. Apply to the institutions with those supervisors. Some advice for the three institutions can be found below.

  3. Please say on your application(s) that you want to be considered for GlaMS.

  4. It is helpful if you can flag on your application not only the supervisors at that institution, but also the potential second supervisors at the other institutions that you are applying to.

  5. If you are applying to more than one institution, please say so on all application forms!

We will admit students into the GLaMS as a collective, and this last three points will greatly help us administer your application in the most efficient way. For the three universities, our admissions process is university-wide, and as such some things are not required for mathematics, for example writing a Research Statement. We have compiled the following pages to aid you through the application process:

University of Glasgow

University of Edinburgh

  • Follow the general advice on the Maxwell Institute PhD application page. Submit your application here.

Heriot Watt University

  • Follow the general advice on the Maxwell Institute PhD application page. Submit your application here.