We offer a broader, intergrated PhD programme, with specific courses, examples seminars, group projects, working seminars, coding training, and other activities during the first year.  At the same time, students will begin working with their supervisors in the first year on research problems.  The training aspects will be primarily specific and relevant mathematical training, in methodology across algebra, geometry and topology, and mathematical physics.  

You will be based in either Glasgow, Edinburgh or Heriot-Watt.  In the academic year 2023-24 all activities will be in person.

In Years 2--4, students will work directly with their supervisors, and will be based at their host institution, with opportunities for three-month placements at one of our partners (see below).

Supervisors are chosen at admission.  Please see our application procedure for more details on potential supervisors, and how to contact them.

At your host institution.  There will be some travelling between institutions in 2023-24.

Our scholarships are a mix of a variety of funding bodies. Most are in line with the standard EPSRC rules, but we have flexibility for many of our scholarships to cover EU and international students.

Progress is monitored to ensure that what we offer is relevant to you and your PhD project.  However, this does not involve formal exams, and we usually monitor progress through presentations (e.g. in the working seminars, and peer-to-peer workshops).  The coding training has built-in continual feedback loops.   There will also be assessed presentations as part of our main methodology courses.

Yes, we hope to offer as many such opportunities as we can.  We offer placements at one of our 8 international academic partners, our 8 industrial partners, or our 6 outreach and influence partners.

Yes, you will have an individual travel budget, plus the opportuntity to apply for more to cover any other training or travel needs that you can identify.

You will have the opportunity to teach should you wish, and we would recommend for your mathematical development that you do some, but this is not compulsory.